The Pixel Pixies


The pixel pixies came again last night. Oh, you can’t see them but I do. They look like Disney’s Tinkerbell before she turns from a glowing comet to a pretty little fairy. They get inside my TV and make all the programs into nonsense. I’ll be watching The Three Stooges and suddenly Mr. Spock will tell Curly that he has 3.4 seconds to duck before a pie hits him. That’s not right.

Last night a Terror Alert came on in the middle of a commercial (you know they never interrupt commercials). They declared a Level Lavender. A Lavender Alert? Well, I don't think I have to say much about that.


I’m experimenting with a remote and am fairly certain one of these buttons will zap them. They never show up if I’m recording and I think that’s an important clue. Maybe it’s a way to trap them but I will have to figure out how to catch them off guard. I’ve got other ideas too -- lots of them. But the less said now, the better. Because I've got plans -- oh yeah, I've got plans.