A Call for Nonsense


Where are those arrogant Braves of Nonsense,

Those players of Exquisite Corpse?

Who will bring the next wave of Cut-ups?

John threw "A Spaniard in the Works,"

But the Gears of Righteousness still grind.

Laurie wove the “New York Times” and "China Times" together

But the Immiscibly Anointed don't get the crucial jokes.


Someone will muster out the Mother of All dada Cavalries

And arm them with Word Swords that will snicker-snack

The phony-baloney holiness of this Stealth Theocracy,

That can't tell God from godhead or Goddamn.

Rock-on and back-beat those hobgoblin patriots

To the soaring howls of Jimi's "National Anthem."

Strip "their Precious" flags stripe by stripe

From their sanctimoniously spangled souls

And find nothing but a naked skin of lies

Burnt by the dark side of the sun.